Mexico’s Next Top Model

The news that the Tyra Banks juggernaut, America’s Next Top Model, will now have a Mexican version was the most exciting thing I heard all day. In fact, I was burning with Trya fever all day long until I read this little tidbit about the already-popular Brazilian version on Wikipedia:

“it was decided that the general approach to the candidates would involve “less cruelty” in comparison to the example set by Tyra Banks in the United States.

Nooooo! Mexico producers, listen up. I demand eye rolling, castigations, foot stomping and all out Tyra-style madness. Get someone from “La Madrastra” in there to tell it like it is. Just don’t let me down!



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3 responses to “Mexico’s Next Top Model

  1. El

    its about time that hairy girls with bangs get their chance at a mediocre make-up contract.

  2. lady

    That comment about hairy girls is sooo stupid.
    You wish you could model darling…

  3. chilangabacha

    Yeaah, Blogazar! You wish! That spread you did in the Sears catalog doesn’t count.

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