Look Busy, Uncle Chuey is Coming!

There are so many reasons to love this picture that I took near Parque Mexico. The first of which is that the guy in the vest is actually taking the suggestion seriously. “Uh crap, look busy, eh? I guess I’ll look at my watch and act like I’m late for an appointment.” I also appreciate the graffiti artist’s use of the ellipses. A comma would have been sufficient, but those three little dots signify that something has been omitted from the original sentence. What an intriguing mystery! Maybe the original writer said, “Jesus is coming in ten minutes, look busy,” or, “Jesus is coming in a pimped out ’79 Chevy, look busy.” Finally, the Jesus in question could be one of hundreds of thousands of Mexicans. I mean, I’ll admit, at first I thought the message was referring to my Uncle Chuey from Fullerton and I got all excited for a second because it’s been a while since I got to sit down and watch a Dodger game with him, but since the message was written on the side of a church, I assume the writer was referring to the o.g. Jesus and I guess that’s cool, too. I’ll start gettin’ busy like the dude in the vest.



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3 responses to “Look Busy, Uncle Chuey is Coming!

  1. El

    jajaja! love it. Tio Chuy is everywhere.

  2. Karina

    Hehe, Good one joy! -or- orale, te salio buena joyita.

  3. I tried moon-walking in front of the church the other night (after a delightful evening of binge drinking) and scared the sitio dudes. I pointed to the sign, chuckled and then asked myself, “wait, why the hell is this in English?”

    Jesus Is Coming...Look Busy!!!!

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