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Viva Los Muertos

What, you don’t have a costume yet?

Here’s an idea from one of Mexico’s leading print publications:

Strippers in Las Vegas compete to see who can be the best body double for vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin

Translation: Strippers in Las Vegas compete to see who can be the best body double for vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin

This is from last Saturday, but I still wanted to put it up here because I love how the photo is right above a headline about the dollar jumping up to nearly 14 pesos. Capitalism, democracy and strippers – that’s the North American way. Just wait until me start using those nifty ameros.

Ok so, if going as stripper Palin ain’t yo thang, maybe you can borrow a costume from my neighbor. This evening I popped my head out the window for my daily weather report and was frightened to be greeted by this:

btw my neighbor is Cruella Devile

What in God’s name are all of those legs doing on that coat, and what’s with the tail? Then, I moved down to another window and got a better view…

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Dia de los Muertos in the Big Manzana

Special thanks to my pal, La Cremosa, in Brooklandia for sending over the info for this Dia de los Muertos event taking place in New York City.

Contrary to popular mythology and various lowrider airbrushings, Mexican Americans inhabit more places in the U.S. than those handed over after the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. According to the New York Times, the Mexican population in NYC grew  from 22,577 in 1980 to 263,311 in 2006, giving the Boricuas and Dominicanas a run for their money. So nowadays there are lots of great non-profit groups like  out there promoting Mexican culture to the masses. For instance, Mano a Mano, a cultural collective that offers bilingual creative writing courses among other great programs, will be hosting  weekend-long Dia de los Muertos festivities. If you’re in the area be go check it out. At the very least it will be a good opportunity to practice your Spanish without having to substitute all your “r’s” for “l’s.”

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Where have all the Papis gone?

Ever since I found out Gael Garcia and Diego Luna have knocked up their y tú mama tambiens, there has been a giant Latin heartthrob-size hole in my heart and I’m sure in that of many other Chilangabachas and our homosexual compatriots. Actually not so giant because Gael is like 5 ft tall in real life and Diego has kinda sucked ever since he did that lame movie about Tom Hanks stuck in the airport. But, you get the picture. Those two were just so darn dreamy when they were starting out and now, the thrill is gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy for the couples I could just punch a wall. Hooray for movin’ on. The real problem is there just don’t seem to be any relevant replacements waiting in the wings of the independent movie theaters.

Gael’s younger hermanastro, Dario, shows potential with his sweet mexi-fro and racecar driver-sounding first name, but produces nowhere near the hotness radiated by his brother. Also, according to Guanabee, he’s still a teenager. José María de Tavira also looked passably hot in Arrancame la Vida up there shaking his stick at the orchestra, but in all the pictures of him online he always has this crazy smirk on his face.

So, I’m asking you, dear readers (all two of you), who can follow in the huaraches of Gael and Diego? I want to dream again! If you say anyone involved in High School Musical, I’m coming to shiv you in the night, but all other comments are welcome.


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Serious Campaign Coverage

So, I haven’t written anything about the presidential election so far. Here we go. Blah, Blah, Yeah, Maverick, The One, Hockey Mom, Joe the Plumber. All that plus this video about sums it up:

If you want to see the full version go to here.

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Make it Work

Make it Work Momma

I can’t count how many times I’ve prepared myself for a perfectly normal day here in Mexico, and then ended up at a clown parade or hanging out on a street corner with a bunch of grown men and women wearing cat costumes. Whether its because of the culture or the language barrier, I often miss out on certain key details.

So last night I wasn’t surprised when it happened again. I had decided to give Mexico City Fashion Week a try and I actually got excited to see my first real runway show for a designer called Sweat Pea. I got all hunkered down in the media pit with the rest of the photogs. The lights went down, the music started and out walked the first model. She must have been about five months pregnant and wearing stilettos. What the whaaaaa? Sweat Pea is a maternity line, duuuh!

The real fun started after the five or six more real knocked up models took their turns and the “real” 90 pound models took to the runway with strap-on baby bumps. One girl was trotting so hard that her new stomach was swinging back and forth and looked like it would come loose and fly into the audience. Alas, the fashionistas in folding chairs were spared injury, and the rest of the night was pretty uneventful except for a couple of nip slips by the Brazilian models in the ChabE show. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any shots of that, but I’m going to venture a guess that there are about 100 photogs who’d be willing to negotiate a price.

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Just Because…

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of movies and television shows where mannequins come to life in the middle of the night. Who could forget 1987’s “Mannequin” staring Estelle Getty AND Kim Cattrall, and the lesser known, yet equally entertaining “Mannequin Two: On the Move” staring Kelly Swanson and “Designing Women’s” own Meshach Taylor. And let’s not forget the Nickelodeon classic, “Today’s Special.” For those of you who didn’t spend your childhood under the glow of the beloved children’s network, this show was about a department store display designer named Jodie who hung out after hours with a security guard puppet and Jeff, the mannequin who came to life with the help of a magical hat. Yeah, it was pure genius.

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Feigned Indignation at Roma’s Impending Gentrification

Attention Roma Norteños:

You’re about to get some new neighbors!

Just when you thought you had escaped from the trendy bars and restaurants in Condesa by trecking past the fringes of Parque Mexico and spending your Saturday nights a Covadonga, a little store by the name of American Apparel moves in to the heart of Roma Norte (Colima and Vallodolid). Granted, the new store is located on the bougey side of the Insurgentes divide, but it’s still close enough to penetrate the colonia’s independent soul.

What’s next? Starbucks and Trader Joes! Actually, I wouldn’t mind to get some TJ’s up in here and I wouldn’t mind being able to buy sparkly purple leggings and gold lamé unitards without having to go all the way over to Polanco. But still – oh the humanity! What is going on around here?

So yeah, uh, I’ll see you there when it opens.

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