Tengo un Sueter Gris

Sueter Gris

Sueter Gris

Translation: I’m a Xoloscuintle and I’m looking for my family. I have a gray sweater… If you find me please return me to Paral 25 on the corner of Francisco Montes de Oca. There will be compensation.

For the love of all that is sacred in this world, someone find this adorable Xolo and return it to it’s equally adorable owner who deserves and “A” in penmanship. It’s wearing a damn gray sweater!

As a side note, this flier was posted outside of Neoskin.  Isn’t it funny that someone lost their hairless dog outside of the place where the fine ladies of Condechi go to get their moustaches lasered off? I’m going straight to HECK.


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One response to “Tengo un Sueter Gris

  1. Neoskin! That sounds like some scary white supremacy thing. Do they do skin bleaching there?! That would be weird.

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