Blogazar’s Lament

Cheer up, Blogazar!

Cheer up, Blogazar!

If Mexico City is now my official lady love, my good pal Blogazar was the John who introduced me to her. While Blogazar currently lives in Seattle, where he works as a gay rights activist and writes an amazing style and culture blog, he lived in DF back in 2005 while attending UNAM. It was during this time that I had my first opportunity to visit and the Chilangabacha legacy began.

After racking up a $200 USD phone bill on my hotel phone (A boy’s gotta keep in touch with his boy!), Blogazar took me by the hand and escorted me to Coyoacan where he got a really awesome tattoo. Later that night we went out to a bar in the Zona Rosa and a guy in a cowboy hat smacked my ass.

“Isn’t this a gay bar?” I asked.

“Just go with it,” he replied.

Oooh the memories! Now I’m here and Blogazar’s there and who knows where the confused vaquero is these days. While I continue to meet fascinating characters and make trips to Coyoacan, Blogazar is stuck up in rainy Seattle pining for his life in Chilangolandia:

“Today, though, I miss Mexico City. It has been way too long since I have been on the metro, smelled the street food, heard a mariachi, drank a corona while it was still a domestic beer and most of all it has been far too long since I have been around so many Mexicans.”

I love you Blogazar, and Mexico misses her fair young son. You know you have a futon and a phone  whenever you get your hot self down here.


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