Just Because…

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of movies and television shows where mannequins come to life in the middle of the night. Who could forget 1987’s “Mannequin” staring Estelle Getty AND Kim Cattrall, and the lesser known, yet equally entertaining “Mannequin Two: On the Move” staring Kelly Swanson and “Designing Women’s” own Meshach Taylor. And let’s not forget the Nickelodeon classic, “Today’s Special.” For those of you who didn’t spend your childhood under the glow of the beloved children’s network, this show was about a department store display designer named Jodie who hung out after hours with a security guard puppet and Jeff, the mannequin who came to life with the help of a magical hat. Yeah, it was pure genius.

Well, Jodie would have had a hell of a time if she would have come with me to the Quinceañera/fabric market in Garibaldi. That place is crawling with crazy eyed mannequins. I don’t even want to know what goes on there after hours when all the magic spells kick in and shit. Anyway, behold the pics and be amazed.


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