A Huevo!

Chilangabacha was featured today on T Va, a blog put out by El Universal that’s written “por jovenes para jovenes.” (by young people for young people). A big “a huevo” to them for featuring it, and for having a slogan that’s going to help me remember the difference between “por” and “para.”

Here’s a quick translation of part of the post:

South of their border, a group of friends raises its voice. They dedicate their blogs to portraying another way of life in this city. They’re cybernetic writers who make up a new wave of young Americans, those who have decided to turn towards new horizons like Mexico City. They write about it this city, and even if they write completely in english, its not inconvenient for them to add the passionate and energetic character of our capital city.

My thoughts exactly.

Thanks to Víctor Adrián Espinosa for the recognition (even though he referred to the blog as “Chulangabacha,” the link still worked) y bienvenidos a los nuevos lectores.


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