La Terminal

Suggested Apparel for Mr.Nohara

Suggested Apparel for Mr.Nohara

This Just In: A Japanese man has allegedly been living in Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport since September.

Hiroshi Nohara was en route to Brazil from San Francisco when he lost his passport. Don’t know if it was the delicious airport tacos, or the vigilant bathroom cleaners, but her decided to stay. Here’s what Prensa Latina had to say in their one-source story:

“Con su sonrisa inmutable, Nohara expresó que la embajada de su país en México le ayudó a regularizar su documentación y que decidió quedarse en la instalación aérea del Distrito Federal por considerarla “un lugar seguro”.

With his immutable smile, Nohara expressed that his county’s embassy here in Mexico helped him to fix his documentation and that he decided to stay inside of the Mexico City’s aerial installation because he considers it to be a “safe place.”

Just a quick interjection here to marvel at the Mexican media’s proclivity for creative noun substitution. In addition to calling the airport an “aerial installation,” the reporter refers to Nohara as all of the following: “un Japones,” “El Nipon,” “el visitante asiático,” and ” El pasajero japonés.”

Anyway, in the Tom Hanks flick, “The Terminal,” which immediately comes to mind upon reading this story, the main character couldn’t leave the airport because of diplomatic reasons. In this case, it seems like the poor fellow is just suffering from Chilangophobia, or the fear of Mexico City. Nohara has only left the airport twice; one time to stay at a cheap motel, and one time to go to Estadio Azteca. If he walked in there during the middle of a Pumas match, it’s no wonder he’s scared to leave the food court, and who knows what kind of classy hotels he ended up in.

For now, Nohara is spending his days eating hamburgers, smiling at passerby, and checking out the fabulous handicraft shops. Since the Japanese economy is currently in recession, it might not be a bad place for the “visitante Asiático” to hang out for a while.



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2 responses to “La Terminal

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  2. haha… saw this one on the BBC. so much for mexico making internation headlines.

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