O.G. Chilangabacha


Ever wonder why the whole Chilangabacha things seems so darn natural? No? Well, too bad, I’ll tell you anyway. You see, I happen to be a third generation Chilangabacha. Gramma Chilangabacha used to come to the DF quite regularly during her youth to chill with her primas, and the impression has remained with her to this day.

When I told her I was moving here, she told me to be careful if I ever wear pants because back in her day, everyone used to stare at girls who didn’t wear skirts.

“My jeans were a scandal!” she told me.

She also recalls being gawked at because of her height. At 5 feet 10 inches tall, she towered over most of the Chilangos. (She’s the one hunching over all the way on the left.) Her constant companion on these journeys was her best friend, Margaret, aka La Habra’s most famous curandera. They’re both 80 years old now, and they still find time to sit around and chismear en espanglish.

I hope I can be as lucky.


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