Orale, there’s a Chilangabacho in your cabinet!

Ahua! He left his sombrero on the porch.

Ahua! He left his sombrero on the porch.

Move over Daniel Calhoun Roper, get out the way Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss , come January Chilangabacha will officially have a new all-time favorite Secretary of Commerce. Bill Richardson may have been born in Pasadena and gone to school on the East Coast, but the fact he went to public school in Mexico City until he was 13 years old qualifies him as straight up Chilangabacho, güey. Here’s the 411 according to Time Magazine:

Richardson did however actually spend his early years in Mexico City, where his mother and father, a prominent American banker, were financially very well off, with high-ranking Mexican politicians and businessmen dropping by as frequent houseguests. But unlike with other American families in the city, Richardson went to public school, lived in the Mexican part of town (i.e. not Polanco or that one Chinatown street in el Centro, or in the basement of the U.S. Embassy), and hung out with the Mexican kids, leading him to struggle in defining his national identity. “I remember thinking, I’m just a kid. It’s not fair that I’m a Mexican and an American trapped in one body. I could speak English, but I thought and dreamt in Spanish.”

I love it! A Mexican and an American trapped in one body. How did they decide what to eat for dinner? Ba-dum-ching. Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

Another reason to give props to Guillermo Hijo de Ricardo is the creative way he won the heart of his wife, Barbara:

Barbara Flavin and her family lived across the street from the school, and they had heard about the new student from Mexico with a vicious breaking ball. One afternoon Barbara saw Bill walking out of town. She offered him a ride back to school. The next January, Bill left a sombrero and a love note on her porch.

Don’t get any ideas, Cabrones. La Chilangabacha only responds to mixed tapes and plates of chilaquiles.

As a side note, the current Secretary of Commerce under George Bush, Carlos Miguel Gutierrez, also lived in Mexico City for a time, but he’s Cuban and used to sell Frosted Flakes for a living, so he’s not so chingón.

-Photo via http://www.usnews.com-


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