Piñata Rage

Human Piñata

Human Piñata

Thanks to my girl Meli Mel for bringing this travesty of a website to my attention.  As it’s name suggests, DownWithPinatas.com is a site dedicated to calling out piñatas as the party game of the devil. Not since Winona Rider went to  Salem has such an atrocious witch hunt taken place. The woman who started the blog says she went on her hateful quest after her four year old hit her in the face with a bat the day after her birthday party. It includes posts about non-violent piñata alternatives like “treasureballs,” papier-mâché monstrosities that kids are supposed to roll around the yard and not laugh at when their parents call them treasureballs. There’s also a video post about some perv who got caught on tape having sex with a piñata. Um, why is that the piñata’s fault?   If its wrong for little kids to swing aluminum bats at Spongebob and then knock each other down like grammas at a Sears going out of business sale on their way to get anything but the cheap-ass tootsie roles and smarties, then I don’t want to be right. Yeah, yeah, the site is probably a joke, but I just had to write this post just in case this nut job is real.If its a joke, I’m not laughin’. You just don’t mess with something as sacred as  tissue-papered donkeys. You haters can take my aluminum bat and party-sized snickers from my cold, dead hands.


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