Houston, We Have a Chicano.

When captured Aztec warriors headed up to have their hearts ripped out on the sacrificial pyre, there was only one thing on their mind: space travel.
For realz! It was believed that upon their death, all good warriors would join their compadres on a celestial mission to accompany the sun across the sky each day. So, it shouldn’t come as a huge shock that next August, when the NASA shuttle makes its trip to the International Space Station, there will be a bona fide Chicano on board.
José Hernández was born in central California during one of his family’s migrant labor trips. His parents, Salvador and Julia of La Piedad Michoacan, eventually settled the family in Stockton California so the kids could focus on education.
Little José flourished in public school even though he still had to pick strawberries and cucumbers on the weekends and went on to be an astronaut. Somewhere Edward James Olmos is getting ideas about his next movie role.
I was all excited and bursting with brown pride until I read what Jose’s job was going to be. According to the Spanish news agency, Efe,”his work on the space station will include delivering supplies and conducting repairs of the systems on board.”
Come on! How cliché can you get? The first José in space and he’s going to be in charge of fixing the refrigerator?
Oh well, its a start. Check out this clip of José on a weird fake 60 Minutes. I fell in love with him and am thinking of stalking him – I mean – starting a fan club.


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