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Get Off My Bloody Beach!

The following video pretty much sums up the state of tourism I’ve been witnessing as I’ve been traveling around Mexico. The three dudes participating in coin toss mania on the marina in Cabo San Lucas are a tour operator, a fishing boat captain and a cheap silver jewelry vendor. The game went on for a while and had all kinds of intricate rules.

The Associated Press recently reported that in 2008 foreign tourism in Mexico was actually up 5.8 percent from 2007 because of the craptastic state of the peso, but the rest of the news about tourism kinda makes me want to jump into a cenote. College administrators across the U.S. are telling their students to abandon their yearly wet t-shirted trek to Cancun and head to more classy locations like Ft. Lauderdale and South Padre Island. MSNBC outlined the trend with a story with the outrageous headline, “Mexico: Spring Break, Beaches — and Bloodshed” in giant red letters.

Come ON! People are happily paying to go on slum tours in India and favela frolics in Brazil. But lately when I mention that I live in Mexico, folks back home are surprised that I still have all of my fingers. Perhaps I’m being blissfully ignorant and woefully unoriginal with this post. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut so I can have these bloody beaches all to myself.



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Tamau-bilingua -lipas

Tamaulipas is officially going bilingual! If you’re media-fresa like me, I know what you’re thinking:  but I thought ALL the bartenders in Condesa spoke English! Well, I’m talking about Tamaulipas the state, sillies, not the street where you can never find a freaking taxi.

Government officials from the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas has announced that all of its 350,ooo public school students will learn English and therefor have the wonderful opportunity of conversing with their Texan neighbors.It’s a very noble goal, and one I’d like to see set in states in the U.S., but we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

For the time being, this just makes me love that earnest little hatchet-shaped state even more. Oh how  I long to be in Tampico, or even Matamoros!In case you’re not aware of this tiny renegade border state here are some fascinating facts:

  • It’s home to Eduardo Verástegui, star of the so-called worst movie ever made, Chasing Papi, and general really lame guy who spoke out against California’s Prop 8 even though he’s rumored to be Ricky Martin’s ex-boyfriend.
  • It was originally called Nuevo Santander in 1746. You can remember that when you go to the bank, Nuevo Nuevo Santander.
  • Home to the namesake city of my favorite “juice,”  Tampico.
  • It’s the capital of the infamous Gulf Cartel and their armed Catherine Zeta Jones unit.


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Smiths of the Silver and Word Variety

I’m not gonna lie. I wasn’t expecting to like Taxco. I really love me some silver jewelry, but could I really base a whole 72-hour trip around looking at it?I discovered that Taxco is as good a place as any to get lost and chat up perfect strangers. The best thing I found wasn’t a scorpion belt buckle or an extravagant old lady broach, but this cool little hardware store in the middle of the cavernous tianguis.


"Not being loved is only a matter of luck; The real tragedy is not being able to love." Read THAT while you're buying your screws.

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