Henry Chalfant: Badass


A couple of weeks ago  my photog pal Brian Harkin and I made the trip out to Iztapalapa AKA the Detroit of Mexico City, in order to interview Henry Chalfant, a super bad-ass 69-year-old. I thought I would be hardcore and take public transportation, but Brian had a bunch of equipment including a light that looked like a giant tinfoil hat and a battery-powered suitcase, so we were wussies and took a cab.

If you haven’t hear of Chalfant, just ask any graffiti nerd. He started out photographing the graffiti on the subway trains in the South Bronx in the 1970’s and later played a significant role in the making of Style Wars. Check out the story I wrote for Tomo and find out more!

*photo by Brian Harkin



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3 responses to “Henry Chalfant: Badass

  1. That Tomo link goes to the site for “Style Wars” (which people should definitely watch if they haven’t already). The interview can be found here:

    Good interview! He’s a fascinating guy.

  2. I believe his business cards say just that: “super bad-ass 69-year-old.”

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