Booty Watch 2009

watching her back

watching her back

Sacré Bleu! Ja, I’ve always wanted to say that. Now that I’ve gotten it out of the way, I’d like to talk about France’s recent visit to Mexico.

Basically, Sarkozy came over to platicar about the financial crisis and the drug madness. After talking with Calderón, he was all, “Calm down, dudes, no failed state here!

“A ‘failed state’ is a state which would give up the fight with criminals and traffickers and that is not, in any way, Mexico’s case,” Sarkozy said.

“This battle is ours too, because organised crime and drug trafficking have no borders,” Sarkozy added.

Mexico repaid him with a trip to Calderóns luxury villa near Puerto Vallarta  and by checking out his wife’s ass, as evidenced in the above photograph.

For some reason all of this intercultural stereotypism  got me thinking about Looney  Tunes. Anyone who ever watched a Pepé le Pew Cartoon knows that the French are a flirtatious bunch, but what you probably don’t remember is that Pepé’s culturally insensitive counterpart Speedy Gonzalez was actually quite the lady’s mouse.  The other mice güeyes were always giving him shit for flirting with everyone’s seester and there was one episode where Speedy was rewarded by a small town mayor with the title of “Chic Inspector” for all of his good deeds. Maybe those dudes in the picture got the same reward. (If anyone knows who those guys are let me know and you get a prize)



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2 responses to “Booty Watch 2009

  1. Speedy Gonzalez was hot.

  2. Chris

    Guy on the right is Agustín Carstens, the secretary of finance. He threw out the first pitch in a game this week and was booed mercilessly.

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