Booty Watcher Identified

Congrats to my man Crayton AKA Tómas for winning the prize for identifying one of the Carla Bruni booty watchers. The man with no chin on the right is none other than Finance Minister Augustín Carstens, who apparently had a pretty busy week what with all that looking and condemning of Forbes magazine. Here he is throwing out the first pitch at the Mexico-Australia baseball game on Monday.

abucheanTómas-Crayton, you get two brewskies for this; one for identifying no-chin, and another for finding this amazing photo.



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5 responses to “Booty Watcher Identified

  1. Hey,

    I’m enjoying the site.

    Keep up the Good work.

    Love Heaps


    • chilangabacha

      Thanks, Sky! I was just checking out Townsville Talk. Looks like you Aussies know how to rock the message boards.

  2. Crayton

    It’s my lucky day!

    Somebody was telling me last night that Carstens is a passionate baseball fan and, as a young boy, dreamed of playing in the major leagues.

  3. He doesn’t look that much worse than David Wells or C.C. Sabathia.

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