Go Shorty, It’s Your Forbesday


Wanna piss off an entire country? Add one of their most notorious troublemakers to your list of badrillionaires.That’s what Forbes Magazine when they listed Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman as number 701 on their list of the world’s richest people. Apparently they didn’t have a category for “druglord,” so they listed his industry as “shipping.”I bet that’s what El Chapo  he tells his grandma, too.  El Chapo, who’s name translates to “Shorty” in English, is already notorious here for his storybook life; he started out as a po peasant farmer in the fields of Sinaloa who rose to be the head of the Sinaloa cartel after escaping prison in a laundry basket. You can bet your mataray skin boots that there will be at least 10 new narco corridos written about him after this Forbes business is analyzed to death all over the world

This announcement must have been frustrating as hell for Calderón, who has an “Oh  Mr. Wiiiiiiiiiiilson”-like relationship with the Dennis the Menace druglords. He and his cabinet immediately spoke out against Forbes.According to the Associated Press , Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora said Forbes is defending crime by “comparing the deplorable activity of a criminal wanted in Mexico and abroad with that of honest businessmen.”

HA, honest businessmen! Good one, Medina Mora. I’m sure that list is FULL of honest businessmen in the “construction” industry who came in a lot higher than number 701.Interestingly enough, El Chapo isn’t the first “shipping” giant to make the list. In 1989 Pablo Escobar came in at number 7.

The messageboard on the story has some pretty interesting commentary. Here are some of my favorites:


“We all agree ? drugs are bad. The people who push them are worse. But the addicts are the collateral damage in this situation and shouldn’t make up a fifth of America’s prison populations. You may think this is a digression, but it’s not. Ignoring the wealth and power of the drug cartels is tantamount to ignoring the problem altogether. WAKE UP PEOPLE!” – From “Crummy”

“México el país donde los ministros ganan 4 millones anuales mas prestaciones
México el país donde algunos gobernantes y consejeros ganan mas que el presidente (el tiene la máxima responsabilidad)
México donde los diputados no tiene porque comprobar biaticos
México donde se paga un bono de fatiga por 20 mil pesos mensuales
México tiene a unos de los hombres mas ricos del orbe Carlos Slim
México paga los intereses mas altos por el uso de tarjetas de todo el orbe
México el único país donde sus ciudadanos pagan TENENCIA
México donde una líder Magisterial (Elba Esther) compro 50 hummer dizque para rifar (y que no ha rifado)
México donde un líder Sindical con la mano en la cintura puede entrar a Forbes incluso el mismisimo Montiel exgobernador mexiquense.

Se sorprenden de que forbes haya declarado a Joaquin Guzman como el millionario 701, yo no y ¿ustedes?” – From “octacruz”

“FORBES, because of this “Billionaire” we are affraid to go out on the streets, movies or out to dinner. I live in Ciudad Juarez and we are living in hell right now, kidnappings, extorsions, murders, beheadings. Keep it up you money and drug loving idiots!” – From “eddddddie”



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2 responses to “Go Shorty, It’s Your Forbesday

  1. Shipping?

    That is perfect. I’m going to start saying that when people ask me what I do, too.

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