No Sleep ‘Til Austin

Man caught smuggling Chupacabra through customs

"Man caught smuggling Chupacabra through customs"

In about 11 hours I’m gonna board a bus from Monterrey, Mexico to San Antonio, Texas and I ain’t skerred.  If that Mickey Mouse Club member Justin Timberlake wasn’t deterred from going to Jalisco to do research for his new tequila brand after a bunch of severed  heads were found in Oxxo coolers, then dammit I’m not going to pee in my pants over traveling through Reynosa.Besides, I’ll finally be fulfilling my dream of visiting Tamaulipas!

Seriously, I don’t know what I’m getting all worked up about. Not all the news out of Northern Mexico was written by the Boogey Monster and copy edited by the Chupacabra. A Michigan jukebox company just announced they’ll be moving their operations to Reynosa. Nothing too bad can happen in a place that manufactures “Rock Around the Clock” machines.

Speaking of rocking, I actually do have a good reason for making the trek up to the Lone Star State and its not to retreive my bike from the basement of the Alamo. I’m fixin’  to go to the South by Southwest music fest. Yeeeee Haw, the things we do for Rawk, right?

I’ve got some pretty cool interviews lined plenty of Chilangabacha-approved musicians that I intend to post on here. Stay tuned for excerpts from the adventure on here and on Twitter. If you haven’t already added me I’m @lachilangabacha



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4 responses to “No Sleep ‘Til Austin

  1. Hanlly Sam

    hahah how funny I live near Austin and I’m totally missing SXSW you’re living in mx city and traveling over there.. what?! have fun and if you’re gonna be there next week we should… have lunch! hahaha

  2. Eily Jones

    Have fun in our old state, Joy!! Tell Texas I said hi!!!!….and hopefully I’ll be back soon….

  3. Mom

    The Bluebonnets should be in bloom this time of year, right?

  4. Mom

    The Bluebonnets should be in bloom this time of year, right?

    Hey, remember when that Girl Scout dropped her Teddy bear from the top of the rotunda at the Capitol?

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