SXSW Update

So, I’m about ready to fall over or have a head explosion. So many  cool bands to see!!!!!!!! Tonight I’m going to do my best to check out Nina (can’t find tilde on this computer) Dioz, Chikita Violenta and Juan Son. Here’s a pic from last night.

Photo by Deanna Dent

Photo by Deanna Dent

Jorge Drexler (left)and Ximena (center) and the lead singer of Bomba Esterio (right) were totally jamming out to Natalia LaFourcade. I nerdily went up to Jorge and told him about Chilangabacha and we couldn’t decide if “blog” was a femenine or a masculine verb in Spanish. If he leaves a comment on here it will be mission accomplished for the weekend.

I also chased down Perez Hilton on his bicycle, but he wasn’t as chatty as Jorge.Lots of cool Chilangos representin’ in the streets of Austin. If it weren’t for the burritos and cowboy boots paired with Umbro shorts, I would feel like I never left!

On another note, a couple of hours ago we got in a cab and the driver immediately told us that his other career was bounty hunting. To prove it he had a poster of America’s most wanted taped to the dash. He was drunk, and out of gas. We walked instead.



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2 responses to “SXSW Update

  1. So jealous of anyone in Austin these days.

  2. XilaCam

    Seriously cannot handle this pic. That woman is not 30!!

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