Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Mari Ramos

One good thing about moving out of Condechi is that now I have enough extra pesos to indulge in my ultimate guilty pleasure – CABLEVISION! So far I’ve mostly watching music videos “Hey look, there’s Lil’ Wayne again!” But, it’s not all fun and games at the Casa de Chilangabacha!

I’ve found its great to start out the day with a little bit of CNN International. That way I can find out about the latest Mexico be-headings  Live in HD. Not really, the international version of Teddy Turner’s baby is a lot less sensational than it’s American counterpart, and the best part of their coverage is my new favorite weather personality, Nicaragua-born Mari Ramos.


Not only does Mari get really really excited about cool stuff like rainstorms in Oman, but homegirl is old-school voluptious and she knows how to work it.I like to wake up each day just to run to the teevee and see what kinda suit she’s gonna wear.

Ramos also still has a trace of a Spanglish accent “We’re go-een to see heavier showers inTokío.” This is by no means a knock on Ramos’ skills. It’s nice to hear a familiar-sounding voice, plus she’s also able to anchor for CNN en Español. I’d like to see Jörg Kachelmann or Jillian Barberi try that!

I hope Ramos gets wind of this blog post so she can know that La Chilangabacha has her back. She’s got some seriously mean haters out there. One commenter on this blogpost said they actually wrote to CNN to complain about Ramos’ “girth.” That’s not very nice, “Gringa.” How would you like it if I called to your work and complained about you being a meanie?

Enjoy this really low-rent video of Ramos explaining a typhoon.It’s a work of art for so many reasons.



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2 responses to “Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Mari Ramos

  1. Crayton

    One thing Lesley and I learned about Cablevisión last night – if you go to the menu settings, you can change the audio to English, and there are some channels where this actually works – for instance, TV Land or Nick at Nite or whatever it is where they show the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It also worked for Fox, which meant English-language Simpsons! OK, it’s not helping us to get better at Spanish, but the jokes are way better than in the dubbed version, and the shows are a comfort after a long day.

    Last night we saw the Fresh Prince episode where Will and Carlton get pulled over for driving while black and end up in jail, where a Hugh Jackman-looking dude sings a soulful version of “Let My People Go.” Sorry, you just can’t translate that.

  2. okeowo

    haha, love that fresh prince episode. aw, memories

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