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Sick of the Flu

So we’re going on a week of H1N1 virus and I’m coming down with a serious case of the Annoyed Virus.  Mexico City  these days is like that one friend you had who was always down to party with you all night and all of a sudden gets into a serious relationship – Um, I think we’re just going to stay in and make it a Blockbuster night. Hee hee.

But I want to go out, lame-o friend! Can’t you quit that Swiney Flustein already? He’s totally not good for you. It’s a toxic relationship at best.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant – seven days of battling an invisible monster  without even a whiff of tacos al pastor is making me a little bonkers. No bars, no cafes, no movies, and I wasn’t even invited to the bacon party!

Ugh, I really wish I could, but I won’t abandon my lame-o friend. Very soon the city will be able to kick that porker, and we’ll all be able to cumbia in the crowded subways and dance the la bamba down the halls of Bellas Artes.  Here I am showing my solidarity by wearing my Mexico-flag themed Nikes in front of a vocho with a grocery bag full of beans and rice.




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Paging Dr. Elbow Bump

So dudes, I gotta let you know. I’ve been exposed …to Gupta.

I'm wearing a mask, he's not.

I'm wearing a mask, he's not.

That’s how I know we’re gonna make it through this thing, after all. If CNN hasn’t helicoptered their superstar chief medical correspondent/ Surgeon General turner-downer out of Mexico, then I don’t have to worry that the flights out of here are pretty much booked.

After taking the above photo, Gupta showed me the new cool kid greeting, the elbow bump.


-Second photo via twitpic


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Still No Zombies!

So I went over to the airport today, because they have this really awesome 100%Natural where you can buy wheat pancakes! Just kidding, I was there to pick up some out of town guests. While I was there I refused to touch any one and I held my breath when I got in the elevator. I washed my hands a total of three times – once before using the loo, once after, and once because some guy looked at me and I could see in his eyes that he was thinking about  bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

Anyway, I was expecting to see mass histeria- ladies running around with two un-matching shoes and men with their chonies bursting out of hastily-packed old timey suit cases, or god forbid – this:

Hurry up! The pigs are coming!

Hurry up! The pigs are coming!

Anyway, none of that madness. Just some tourists looking pissed cause they couldn’t find a rental car, and  a couple of nuns waiting for their  sistah to arrive.

Nun too soon.

-Baby suitcase from

-Nuns are original Chilangabacha-


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Small Earthquake

sorry, this is a little late, but I thought I’d post it anyway


Me: La La La working on freelance work, moving along moving along doot do doo

God: Here’s a little eartquake, just for fun

Me: Beatlemania-style freak-out (not really, just in my brain)

The teeny bopper atbour 30 seconds in was living in my brain for a moment, but I’m calming down.


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Dear Chilangamama

Dear ChilangaMama,

Just wanted to let you know I’m swine flu free and taking all of the utmost precautions. I’ve watched my hands about 30 times since yesterday and I’m sanitizing all my veggies. I’ve also put together some epidemic gear.


I’m staying inside as much as possible and whenever someone sneezes, I totally walk away. I’ll keep you posted.



-Photo by Deanna Dent


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Cumbia de la Influenza

The good news: Chilangos are pretty much staying inside. How do I know? El Universal reports that several artistic geniuses have already spent enough time in front of a computer to make Youtube videos for a catchy new ditty called, “Cumbia de la Influenza.”  One of the hip shaking-est lyrics translates to ” Get out of the city soon, everything is going to explode… we’ll all be dead when Indiana Jones finally gets here.”

I like this version the best because it has a funny picture of a Mexi Mullet:

The Bad News: It looks like some of my neighbors haven’t quite figured out the optimal way of wearing a cubrebocas.

Facemask fail.

Facemask fail.

China accessories

Chin Accessories


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Gettin Provisions

So Marcelo Ebrard said that if the swine flu numbers don’t go down by Tuesday then even more of the city is going to go into hibernation mode.This will likely include the metro – not that I had any plans on entering that zombie-mobile/germ factory any time soon.

Just in case things start to get gnarly, I’m going to brave the swine wind and sneeze rain to go out and get more beans, rice, water, and antibacterial everything. I went out on Friday and things were pretty chill, as evidenced by the video bellow. We’ll see how things are today. My friend just got kicked out of Starbucks, so things could get wild!

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