Dear Chilangamama

Dear ChilangaMama,

Just wanted to let you know I’m swine flu free and taking all of the utmost precautions. I’ve watched my hands about 30 times since yesterday and I’m sanitizing all my veggies. I’ve also put together some epidemic gear.


I’m staying inside as much as possible and whenever someone sneezes, I totally walk away. I’ll keep you posted.



-Photo by Deanna Dent



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3 responses to “Dear Chilangamama

  1. ChilangaMama

    I’m glad to see you’re taking precautions, but is that the optimal way to wear your gloves – cut off like that? That’s like those people wearing their cobreboca things around their neck.

    • chilangabacha

      They’re the official Mexico fútbol team models and they’re fun to walk around town in, but they make me loose matches I totally should have won.

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