Still No Zombies!

So I went over to the airport today, because they have this really awesome 100%Natural where you can buy wheat pancakes! Just kidding, I was there to pick up some out of town guests. While I was there I refused to touch any one and I held my breath when I got in the elevator. I washed my hands a total of three times – once before using the loo, once after, and once because some guy looked at me and I could see in his eyes that he was thinking about  bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

Anyway, I was expecting to see mass histeria- ladies running around with two un-matching shoes and men with their chonies bursting out of hastily-packed old timey suit cases, or god forbid – this:

Hurry up! The pigs are coming!

Hurry up! The pigs are coming!

Anyway, none of that madness. Just some tourists looking pissed cause they couldn’t find a rental car, and  a couple of nuns waiting for their  sistah to arrive.

Nun too soon.

-Baby suitcase from

-Nuns are original Chilangabacha-



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3 responses to “Still No Zombies!

  1. ..ooook, and why is the baby there again?

  2. Do those masks go under the white hoods? That looks really uncomfortable.

  3. chilangabacha

    the baby is a random pic. I just thought it was funny. I didn’t actually see it at the airport.

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