Paging Dr. Elbow Bump

So dudes, I gotta let you know. I’ve been exposed …to Gupta.

I'm wearing a mask, he's not.

I'm wearing a mask, he's not.

That’s how I know we’re gonna make it through this thing, after all. If CNN hasn’t helicoptered their superstar chief medical correspondent/ Surgeon General turner-downer out of Mexico, then I don’t have to worry that the flights out of here are pretty much booked.

After taking the above photo, Gupta showed me the new cool kid greeting, the elbow bump.


-Second photo via twitpic



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4 responses to “Paging Dr. Elbow Bump

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  2. Joy

    Ha! That’s cool. And he isn’t wearing a mask.

    Does your face mask fog up your eyeglasses? I can’t figure out how to wear mine without being incredibly annoyed and fidgeting with it constantly.

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