Sick of the Flu

So we’re going on a week of H1N1 virus and I’m coming down with a serious case of the Annoyed Virus.  Mexico City  these days is like that one friend you had who was always down to party with you all night and all of a sudden gets into a serious relationship – Um, I think we’re just going to stay in and make it a Blockbuster night. Hee hee.

But I want to go out, lame-o friend! Can’t you quit that Swiney Flustein already? He’s totally not good for you. It’s a toxic relationship at best.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant – seven days of battling an invisible monster  without even a whiff of tacos al pastor is making me a little bonkers. No bars, no cafes, no movies, and I wasn’t even invited to the bacon party!

Ugh, I really wish I could, but I won’t abandon my lame-o friend. Very soon the city will be able to kick that porker, and we’ll all be able to cumbia in the crowded subways and dance the la bamba down the halls of Bellas Artes.  Here I am showing my solidarity by wearing my Mexico-flag themed Nikes in front of a vocho with a grocery bag full of beans and rice.




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3 responses to “Sick of the Flu

  1. Joy

    I wasn’t invited to the bacon party either?! They must hate journalism types. It looked fun.

  2. southoftheborder

    Hey there chica… cough cough… I think you’ve been acting a bit like that friend you mention who used to party all the time and then found a boyfriend. Just kidding (ok kind of) hope all is well down there!

  3. I think the only appropriate response to this is to plan a Bloggista Bacon-n-Booze nite in the near future. This could even happen sooner than I think, as I am becoming increasingly suspicious whether I will manage to escape to China for my MBA trip next Friday… Will keep you ladies posted!! 🙂

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