Just picture it: A little five-year-old Chilangabacha (probably wearing an outfit very similar to the ones I wear today – t-shirt,  jeans, tennies- except instead of a ponytail, really long trenzas) chillin’ in the living room in the Inland Empire with Chilangamama. Before you could even say Rancho Cucamonga, the room starts swaying enough for me to get my nose out of a coloring book. Me and moms take refuge in a doorway, but we can still watch our local news broadcasters, Christopher Nance and Chuck Shocknek, keeping it real on KCBS.

I couldn’t find specific video of the dynamic duo squealing like little girls and ducking under the news desk, but I did find something even better – old school David Letterman making fun of Nance and  “Aftershocknek.” My favorite part of the whole thing is Christopher Nance’s face. Yeah, it made me laugh, but I’m sure it’s pretty close to the grimmace I made this afternoon when we were rocked by a 5.7 earthquake. Gaaah! (Note to earthquake gods: can you please hold off until like 2010 for your next little surprise?)

I was on the other side of the country when Northridge happened, but all of my classmates talked about having slumber parties interrupted and copies of Nancy Drew flying off the shelves.

So, these last couple of temblors in DF have been somewhat new to my adult self. The little kid in me still wants to laugh and think of  good old Aftershockneck.

Thanks, David Letterman.


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  1. Melinda

    I have a similar memory: we were living in the old Van Nuys apartment (across from the DMV) and I was eating cream of wheat for breakfast and watching Mr. Rogers when that earthquake happened. Like a good public school student, I ducked under the kitchen table. My mom yelled for me to join her in the hallway door jamb, which, upon recollection, wasn’t a door jamb at all. Mr. Rogers, rock of my childhood, was unflappable.

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