Ice Age Tres

Along with your mace, decoy debit card and hand sanitizer, you never want to leave your camera at home when you’re walking around Chilangoladia. You might see a basket of puppies                                        or a Quinceañera girl –  DSCN1397DSCN1400

like I saw on Saturday afternoon.  In fact, I had originally left my Ashton Kutcher-approved Nikon Coolpix at home when my roommate, E-Town, and I came upon a curious scene at Plaza Rio de Jainero. Some element of nature had left ice in the huge fountain. The regular sprays of reclaimed water had turned off and a giant statue of “The David” looked all the more naked.

E-town, who hails from Alaska said, “I know my snow business and that didn’t just congeal overnight.”

I said, “Well it’s not like Mr. Freeze came and stuck his finger in.”

Whatever, we went home to get our cameras and this slideshow was the result. Later we found out that the ice wasn’t a remnant of  the crazy storm that knocked out the power the night before, but a gimmick by the force of nature known as Coke Zero. Next time I promise more blingy.


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