Obligatory DDLM Post


Waiting for the Perfect Man

Did you happen to feel a little bit of spooky in your morning commute or find an eerie piece of lint in your laundry this evening? That’s probably because it’s Dia de Los Muertos, the day that we remember long-gone legends like Tin Tan, Pancho Villa and my Grandpa Chuck.

I was lucky enough to be in the DF over the weekend, visiting with friends, and picking up a muerto body-sized suitcase full of all the chanclas and huipiles I left behind (gotta make sure I have them again for my next Xicana night on the town).

I had some time to kill (get it?) so I decided to go to probably one of my favorite neighborhoods in the entire world, Coyoacán. I know, I know, how cliché. Frida Kahlo’s old hood is pretty much the first place anyone would pick to look for a Chilangabacha on the run. There are enough cobblestone cafe de olla stands and communist tributes to last a lifetime. And even more exciting was the fact that  on Saturday the locals were preparing elaborate altars in time for today’s festivities.

Behold and Enjoy.



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2 responses to “Obligatory DDLM Post

  1. Omar

    Hello There, I’ve been always so curious to discover how people from other countries pass the time in this country a good way to get started has been having a look to different blogs. Unfortunatelly the majority of them are kind of “complaining blogs” of things that happen in Mx but when I came across with yours it was really eye opening for me how all these things that might be “bad” can be viewed at the end with a good sense of humor and in consequence provinding a nice personal experience at the end. I believe you guys (gabos) are dealing with new things or situations that you hadn’t experienced before so it is a good way of doing or learning new things.

    I am pretty sure you are making a great effort to learn the language and make local friends so it will make the difference.

    So thumbs up for this blog and good luck in Mx-Chilangolandia.

    On a separare note: Do you know the word gringabacho/a?
    gringo + gabacho

    Take care


  2. My high school Spanish teacher used to have Day of the Dead celebration for the seniors. Then a super religious parent called the newspaper and told a reporter that the Spanish teacher was holding a seance. The paper reported the controversy but included a lot of detail about what Day of the Dead is really about. The teacher retired that year anyway because of the hooplah. It was so sad.

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