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Feigned Indignation at Roma’s Impending Gentrification

Attention Roma Norteños:

You’re about to get some new neighbors!

Just when you thought you had escaped from the trendy bars and restaurants in Condesa by trecking past the fringes of Parque Mexico and spending your Saturday nights a Covadonga, a little store by the name of American Apparel moves in to the heart of Roma Norte (Colima and Vallodolid). Granted, the new store is located on the bougey side of the Insurgentes divide, but it’s still close enough to penetrate the colonia’s independent soul.

What’s next? Starbucks and Trader Joes! Actually, I wouldn’t mind to get some TJ’s up in here and I wouldn’t mind being able to buy sparkly purple leggings and gold lamé unitards without having to go all the way over to Polanco. But still – oh the humanity! What is going on around here?

So yeah, uh, I’ll see you there when it opens.


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