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Dia de los Muertos in the Big Manzana

Special thanks to my pal, La Cremosa, in Brooklandia for sending over the info for this Dia de los Muertos event taking place in New York City.

Contrary to popular mythology and various lowrider airbrushings, Mexican Americans inhabit more places in the U.S. than those handed over after the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. According to the New York Times, the Mexican population in NYC grew  from 22,577 in 1980 to 263,311 in 2006, giving the Boricuas and Dominicanas a run for their money. So nowadays there are lots of great non-profit groups like  out there promoting Mexican culture to the masses. For instance, Mano a Mano, a cultural collective that offers bilingual creative writing courses among other great programs, will be hosting  weekend-long Dia de los Muertos festivities. If you’re in the area be go check it out. At the very least it will be a good opportunity to practice your Spanish without having to substitute all your “r’s” for “l’s.”

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