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Where have all the Papis gone?

Ever since I found out Gael Garcia and Diego Luna have knocked up their y tú mama tambiens, there has been a giant Latin heartthrob-size hole in my heart and I’m sure in that of many other Chilangabachas and our homosexual compatriots. Actually not so giant because Gael is like 5 ft tall in real life and Diego has kinda sucked ever since he did that lame movie about Tom Hanks stuck in the airport. But, you get the picture. Those two were just so darn dreamy when they were starting out and now, the thrill is gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy for the couples I could just punch a wall. Hooray for movin’ on. The real problem is there just don’t seem to be any relevant replacements waiting in the wings of the independent movie theaters.

Gael’s younger hermanastro, Dario, shows potential with his sweet mexi-fro and racecar driver-sounding first name, but produces nowhere near the hotness radiated by his brother. Also, according to Guanabee, he’s still a teenager. José María de Tavira also looked passably hot in Arrancame la Vida up there shaking his stick at the orchestra, but in all the pictures of him online he always has this crazy smirk on his face.

So, I’m asking you, dear readers (all two of you), who can follow in the huaraches of Gael and Diego? I want to dream again! If you say anyone involved in High School Musical, I’m coming to shiv you in the night, but all other comments are welcome.



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