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Echando un Caldo de Pollo

I love you forever and ever.

I love you forever and ever.

If a Chilango (esp. one from Nessa) ever asks you if you’d like to “echar un caldo de pollo,” they’re not inquiring about your chicken soup recipe. They want to make out with you (or more). According to my sources on the street, this is a variation on the older phrase “echar un polvo,” literally “making dust,”  which means to have a quickie. I’m guessing the chicken soup version is referring to a quickie “lite,” but I could be wrong.

Since it’s perfectly acceptable to live with Mamí and Papí until you’re 37 years old, many jovenes take their make out sessions to the streets – or the metro, or in the case of this amorous pair, Chapultapec park. Most of the time they find a bench, but these guys were content with a little splendor in the grass.

I especially love it when I see a pair of teenagers slurping each other’s faces off on the metro stairs next to a dude with no legs playing the tambourine. It’s the pinnacle of Latin lovin’.

If anyone can provide clarification on this frase, please feel free to leave a Danny Tanner-like lecture in the comments. A girl (and her readers) need to know these things.



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