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The Living and the Dead

After my first viewing of Texas singer/songwriter Jill Holland’s music video for her new single “Mexico City,” I was about to go off on a rant about how it’s filled with lame stereotypes (cacti, skeletons, abuelitas) and more likely filmed somewhere outside of Tucson than in some random Mexican desert. I was going to say something about how  these kind of images contribute to the fact that some of my friends and family members continue believe that I travel by buro every morning to fetch water from the well.

But, then I decided to act like a journalist and do some research. It turns out Holland wrote the song as an homage to Jack Kerouac, who not only spent time writing in this fine metropolis, but his poetry collection, Mexico City Blues, is considered to be one of his greatest works. The famous vagabond also detailed a night out on the town in  Book of Dreams:

Walking through the slum suburbs of Mexico City I’m stopped by smiling threesome of cats who’ve disengaged themselves from the general fairly crowded evening street of brown lights, coke stands, tortillas-Unmistakably going to steal my bag-I struggled a little, gave up-Begin communicating with them my distress and in fact do so well they end up just stealing parts of my stuff¦. We walk off leaving the bag with someone-arm in arm like a gang to the downtown lights of Letran, across a field-

Sounds a lot like most of my Saturday nights, Jack.

With all this in mind, I hope all you cats will enjoy Holland’s video. I have to admit,  I kinda dig it now.


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