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Las Chicas De Oro

… you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, “Orale Cabrona, eres una amiga chingonsisisisisima.”

My best friends and I have always had this pact that when we outlive our (currently non-existent) husbands, we’re totally going to move into a condo in Miami together. I don’t know why we never considered Caracas. The New York Times is reporting today that Disney is planning on producing a “Latin American reversioning” of the second greatest show ever to appear on television. (The first was ALF). That’s right, Mickey is going to make a version of Golden Girls En Español set in Venezuela.

I like to think their planning went a little something like this:

“Today we conquer Marvel Comics, tomorrow…Estelle Getty!”

Chilangabachos, you have no idea how sad I am that I’m not of the tercera edad. I would totally try out for the role of Blanchita Devereaux. Can you imagine how awesome it’s going to be to do casting for that show? I would totally choose the lady who played the lady who killed Selena for the role of Mamá and Rosario from Will and Grace to play Dorothy. The other two are wildcards.

In case you can’t wait to see how awesome this is going to be, here’s a bit of a low-rent preview. If you’re having trouble with the translation, the ladies are talking about buying condones for an upcoming cruise.


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