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Guess who’s not coming to DF?

If you said Pope Benedict XVI, you’re correct. He was invited to attend World Family day here in January, but according to The Press Association, the Pope’s peeps gave it a no go.

“The pope is in good health, but he’s no longer a young man,” one Ennio Cardinal Antonelli said. “The problem, aside from the travel distance, is the altitude of Mexico City.”

Can’t they build him some kind of pressurized Pope-Mobile?

Man, I miss the days of good old Juan Pablo Dos.

The Old School Pontificate

The Old School Pontificate

Not only was he my most famous polyglot (in addition to his native Polish he spoke Latin, Ukrainian, Croatian, Greek, Dutch, Spanish, French, German and English), but he managed to make it to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Bascilica when he was 82 years old. Granted, he didn’t come in crawling on his knees like most folks, but he made it nonetheless!

Also, thanks a lot ,Vatican, for giving tourists another excuse not to visit. “Yeah, I was totally going to go check out Mexico City. I’m not worried about the kidnapping or the polution, but gee Susan, I don’t know if I can stand the altitude!”



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