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Hold on to your pesos, folks!

Back in May the major media outlets all their chones all in a bunch about the story that Americans were going to TJ to buy cheap gas. I always thought it was sort of a non-story since, come on, you’ve got to fill up somewhere after your viagra/vicoden run, right?

Since Mexico only imports about 40 percent of it’s oil, the government has been able to stave off the economic bleeding by providing massive energy subsidies and decent prices at the pump. So, while Americans have been forgoing botox injections and caramel frapuchino lattes in order to afford a tank full of unleaded, Mexicans have been blissfully filling up their vochos with government-subsidized petrol.

That’s about to change – a few pesos at a time. According to Reuters, government officials have announced that starting this Friday they will start implementing a weekly 2-3 centavo increase in the price of fuel.

I’m no expert, but I can imagine this will mean having to stick your nose in a lot more armpits in the metro.


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