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Lazaro Rises


Gael and his Argentine luvvah/y tú Baby Mamma También, Dolores Fonzi, welcomed what was probably the cutest baby ever into the world. For some reason they decided to name him Lazaro, you know, like that zombie in the bible who walked out of a cave. Gael totally beat out homegirl in the fight to name that kid. In Che-landia the only famous Lazaro is a leather handbag, but here in Mexico, former president Lazaro Cardenas is pratically canonized. He was known for being honest a la  Abe Lincoln and for nationalizing land reform.Instead of grabbing bags of money from the national treasury upon his retirement, he made his way back to Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan where he supported free medical clinics and spun dust into gold. There are something like 18 gajillion streets, beaches, and restaurants named after Cardenas and now a teeny tiny Gael spawn!  Old timey Lazaro had a son named Cuauhtehmoc – now there’s a sweet-ass name if I ever heard one. I already called dibs on it though, so back off Gael and talk to the hand Dolores.



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